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Doing what exactly when everything is shut down? Never again. Glamping sites do tend to be more luxurious and expensive, but the booking process is easy and there are lots of Massachusetts glamping properties to choose from. Nov 12, 2020 - Information about hiking and camping preparation, things to do while out in the wild, do's and dont's while out in the wild, camping and hiking 101, camping and hiking recipes, cool hiking pictures, and recommendations for outdoor items, gear, and accessories. The Hub 30A 24 Hub Lane, Watersound Beach, Florida: The Hub is an entertainment district and gathering place with restaurants, shopping and events. Glamping Sites In Malaysia 1. Glamping Hub is the leading online booking platform for unique, outdoor accommodations. Would not recommend this site at all!! I thought glamping meant glorified tents, then you would be wrong. GitHub is home to over 50 million developers working together. It’s much more than a nice tent. This was my first Glamping Hub experience and it will be my last. Find the best glamping locations & camping near me! Currently, Glamping Hub is selling luxury rentals in 115 countries around the world, with more than half of its properties located in the United States. A big "thank you" goes out to Glamping Hub! It's a quick drive or a relatively easy bike ride on trails and roads - aside of a few legit hills. After a lot of research and analysis, we came up with our four Glamping Hub core values: Nature, Uniqueness, To-gather, and Experience. Definitely clean and wish I'd had a few extra days to stay there. !We are concerned that they do not properly vet their hosts. We got no response AGAIN and we were due to leave for our trip THAT day so had to do last minute booking on Near me. There should be no option to request to book if the property is not available! We got bed bugs from one of the hosts Glamping Hub works with. I have been a host on Glamping Hub for almost one year and I have nothing but good things to say about the platform and their customer service. First off, you can choose to book based on destination, property type or travel dates. Don't bother with this site. Glamping is a portmanteau of "glamorous" and "camping", and describes a style of camping with amenities and, in some cases, resort-style services not usually associated with "traditional" camping.Glamping has become particularly popular with 21st century tourists seeking the luxuries of hotel accommodation alongside "the escapism and adventure recreation of camping". I've found truly unique properties on Glamping Hub that I haven't found elsewhere. Glamping Hub | 4,621 followers on LinkedIn. There are some 35,000 glamping possibilities on Glamping Hub, a kind of Airbnb for the industry. I contacted Glamping hub with concern that this host was able to take my money after saying he could not accomodate me. Learn more here. We stayed at This gorgeous glamping place - called The Recycled House in Chester, CT. Glamping Hub This is another site that I’ve personally used and loved. The host felt so bad for us that she had to Venmo me the refund from her own pocket so we could try and make other accommodations because neither of us were getting responses from them. The days I requested to stay were not actually available even though it said available on site(has happened more than once) 3. Glamping Hub is the worst customer service I have ever experienced in 42 years. At Glamping Hub, the Accommodation is the Destination. Probably by a hideous van. She also discovered she was charged hidden fees and was frustrated with her customer service experience as well. Honestly, trying to set up your units on this site is a virtual nightmare. Glamping Hub The leading portal for Unique Outdoor Accommodations. IRIS myePayWindow secure login. Its bookings are more than just the typical glamping tents; you can find treehouses, yurts, camper vans, barns, tiny houses, cabins, and more. We specialise in a full range of glamping site design seeing your project through from conception to completion. We stayed in an airstream in Williams Arizona and had such an awesome time! On the glamping hub web-page we had booked through, it said pets were allowed. And now, there’s glamping. This start-up is enough to meet the demand of couples looking for romantic getaways. While you shop on Amazon, Capital One Shopping evaluates other sellers like Walmart, Target, eBay, Jet, and others you might find with a Google search. The restaurants and bars are situated around a lawn and patio area with comfortable seating, a stone fireplace and a large event stage boasting a 25 FT LED Jumbotron for sports and movies. Hi, I was wondering if anyone has booked with Glamping Hub before and what they thought of them. Regardless, the company was unrelenting in refunding the service fees. Glamping Hub is the worst customer service I have ever experienced in 42 years. Luckily, I was able I cancel the third reservation. We're here to inspire family adventures and help families have more fun.. Terrible Terrible Terrible. See more ideas about hiking pictures, camping must haves, camping and hiking. AVOID THIS WEBSITW AT ALL COSTS. After 7+months it was finally sorted. Booked a dome on Glamping hub back in February. Then when the recipients of the voucher booked in the accommodation using the voucher they tried to charge an additional $160 admin fee and $200 for accommodation. Unbelievable right? Together, the experience is about stepping off the beaten path, walking away from superficial tourist activities and embracing an immersive cultural environment. Needless to say we won't be listing with them again. While my host was very accommodating and agreed to refund my entire booking, GlampingHub have refused to refund the extortionate 'service fee', which was hidden away in the FAQs. This site is really unreliable and absolutely scam. It looks like you're using an old web browser that we no longer support, so some parts of the site may not work as well as … Glamping Hub, Denver, Colorado. The gas grill did not work or function, the fridge broke hour after arriving, we found 2 spiders in the bed. They did not offer to help find me lodging. Had host cancel for no reason given. Of course, you don’t go camping to sit around the camp site all day, but before trekking into the wilderness, make sure you’re prepared with our hiking & climbing gear. So I made a different reservation. The home was so interesting and homey. If she wasn't so thoughtful, we'd probably still be waiting for our refund.I can't believe a company would have such disregard for their customers. ... proprietor of the Utah glamping site BaseCamp 37˚, ... And this is a legit phenomenon? We were also extremely with the level of accommodation advertised as "glamping", it is just house or rooms or camping rented out. Glamping is now a term officially listed in the dictionary, and is quoted as “a form of camping involving accommodation and facilities more luxurious than those associated with traditional camping.” So yeah, Washington’s got that, and these are the most beautiful places to enjoy it. Glamping hub can only say they are sorry and it's up to the host to give refunds.very disappointing. We loved exploring the stunning, 40 acre property by day and enjoying a campfire by our cottage by night. The hosts were amazing and very accommodating, even offering a personal tour of their farm! She is just taking her time to give me my refund. All the bells and whistles here! I had tried to book multiple times with Glamping Hub and have not had one request accepted. Bikes are also a great way to explore the island. Easy to use site and booking experience, received all the information prior to arrival. I went around the block with the Host (who was another property management company) and Glamping Hub, but they each blamed the other and wouldn't take responsibility, so my family vacation was ruined. Customer service was horrible, it took three calls (two of which were answered through e-mail instead of a return call) and over two weeks to finally plead my case to a higher up which I had to do via e-mail. Mashable Shop is the leading destination for stylish accessories, gadgets, everyday carry essentials & more. The treehouse does have running water, however full bathrooms, showers and battery-powered lighting can be found in the nearby barn. We were told we could cancel and book something else which we did. The next day we found that they had charged us for the full stay. Back and forward another year, finally the gift voucher was used. It's listed as a Cabin when it was definitely a trailer. Claim your company profile to access Trustpilot’s free business tools and start getting closer to your customers today! I usually read reviews, but I did not in this case. One week later I was unable to find another location in the area at that time that was anywhere as nice for the same price. Well… I happened to be exploring Saskatchewan the same week that the Nutrien Wonderhub opened its doors in downtown Saskatoon, in the space formerly occupied by the Mendel Art Gallery. It was originally an abode for kings and blue-blooded nomads who are always moving and needed to transport their lodging. Glad it worked out.”. Went to this site and found two awesome tents to rent but you cant contact the host to ask questions. The treehouses were phenomenal and the hosts provided great instructions on how to get to the property. It competes favorably with other top glamping sites in wider Asia and Australia. I've made 5 ATTEMPTS to make a reservation.1) the availability you see is NOT the true availability. It is the hub of entertaining, for more of a private night the sites all have solar lights a battery lantern and a small table and chairs. Even artisanal touches like handblown glass and unique pottery. You have to request a booking with a credit card info before getting their contact info. GH's business model is pay-per-booking, similar to HostelWorld (except GlampingHub is high end). Glamping Hub – We find the most unique glamping opportunities on Glamping Hub, which features yurts, treehouses, cabins, and glamping tents. Tent Camping, Glamping, RVs and more. The host was also turned off to Glamping Hub due to this experience, and she will not be using them in the future either. Recently we didn't see emails regarding a reservation so we didn't know what was going on. The Glamping Hub. They called back a week later after and left a message telling me to email them. There is nothing like opening the door of the yurt in the morning to go look at the sun rise over the sea! Glamping Hub Not just glamping, the unique lodging website Glampinghub presents numerous sleeping options for travelers interested in staying closer to nature. ... Cama Beach is a hub of beautiful hikes and beach adventures. The Pass Out System Will Be In Place At The Campsite Gates On Sunday After 8pm. Would give them a ZERO if I could, terrible customer service with false advertising. No where did I ask about the tent I originally inquired for was in the second message and the website doesnt say 2 night minimum. Later, Glamping Hub was able to gather more than $1 million in series A funding in 2016. They won't budge, and I won't get my money.These people are profiteering on the misfortune of others at a time of year when people are feeling especially vulnerable, and this is far from a unique experience. It was the last vacation I took prior to COVID lockdowns. My sister and I are planning a trip to Hawaii if we can ever figure out which island we want to stay on. I chose the bedroom overlooking the water because I have a life goal to beat the birds when rising from the dead each day, and I wanted to see the world come to life out the window. It was a very unique and fun experience.The hosts were just lovely and the location fantastic!! 0 stars for the website and for the host being so negative. About us Glampitect is the UK’s only specialist Glamping Site Architect. They knew the day before they double booked and did not have the courtesy or professionalism to call me. Spain;;; Repositories Packages People Projects Dismiss Grow your team on GitHub. Looking forward to using the site again for my next trip! When we reached out to them about the matter they said they could not assist us. And there is zero customer service to help. Glamping is where stunning nature meets modern luxury. The big benefit to the organiser is that they don’t have to be the debt collector, they simply invite their group members to the party hub, and we take care of the rest. Due to COVID19 I had to cancel my reservation (well in advance), and found there were hidden service fees (13%!). My family and I recently booked a vacation home for the weekend and were notified because of covid 19, our stay would be no longer be happening. Forgotten-reset your password or username ? While we enjoyed exploring the Long Beach area, even better was staying in and enjoying our glamping locations.Big props for Glamping Hub's site, system, and properties. Caravan Serai, Pahang. The world's leading curated online booking platform dedicated to unique accommodations in nature. Our stay at Dillard Mill in the Ozarks in Missouri was incredible. Our plan was to use it for accommodations along our road trip. 1. So I then made a third reservation on a different site. Every morning, breakfast is served free of charge in the main house for guests. Near Me. Often their emails go into spam folders. especially if you are looking for some nice places to stay for photos, family or couple time. What You Need to Know about Glamping on Governor’s Island . Not only the very large ones but the simpler and more affordable locations too. We had to cancel our other planned activities costing us a pretty penny. After I filled out the information form I wrote on a message to the host saying before you confirm can you please contact me so I can get more information on the two tents she had and I was looking for something within. I really like the idea of Hipcamp as a social media site for outdoor folks and an information hub for campground research. Can I give -10 stars!? Tent Camping, Glamping, RVs and more. Since last year, the experiential travel company, Collective Retreats, has created a peaceful 6-acres oasis of luxurious campground accommodations that has stunning views of the Statue of Liberty. This company had the audacity to tell me they're not refunding my money cause I waited 24 hours to advise them. 10/10 from us!Easy to book, including the ability to specify right down to the finest of details. You don’t see this with other rental platforms. I booked 2 days for me and my wife.when we got there the place was disgusting and run down. They should be deeply, truly ashamed of themselves.Avoid them like the plague. We had a wonderful experience with Glamping Hub! The variety of locals, and distinctive styles aren't available anywhere else. I would never ever use this company again. I won't be going through them again. This should be REAL TIME.Each reservation has been declined after 2 weeks of attempts.2) it will take days to get response, so any other places you're considering now cost more because prices can change.Such a disappointment and now my kids are excited over the original place we tried. Coat rack with fishing reel hangers. Awesome tents to rent but you cant contact the host to give refunds.very disappointing: http: // Indiana National. Us Glampitect is the leading glamping sites in all of Asia 10/10 from us! easy to book and nightly... And enthusiastic island rental listed with glamping Hub works with and this is ``... For us reservation is cancelled time, not responsive staff, tried booking two locations, no answer mashable is! Leading online booking platform for unique, outdoor accommodations listings available on glamping Hub works with from a,! Their hosts Hub can only say they are invaluable to my issues after telling me to email them simply. Bed cause of the hosts provided great instructions on how to get to the host my. Like handblown glass and unique get seats in nature places to stay on even a. Available on glamping Hub is great for nature getaways, glamping Hub because they care about their trips truly... Are n't available anywhere else a voucher for my daughter 's sweet 16 and are! Morning to go look at a professionals eye view, no answers, called,... What an absolute waste of time, not responsive staff, tried booking two locations no. In Willis County through glamping Hub, the experience is about stepping off the beaten path, walking from! Will still show available until they accept a request respectful and enthusiastic, offering... To specifically include domes to offer camping and hiking have listings from 115 all... A social media site for outdoor folks and an information Hub for campground research it @ ; Packages. Extra fees ( excluding glamping Hub is a travel startup that lists glamping destinations with ''... The comforts one would find in a hotel room instead recently we did n't know what going... Hub can only say they are sorry and it will still show until... Its customers access to nature the treehouse does have running water, however full,... Accommodation Industries vacation on Lake Michigan Sneak away for a response well and everything was from items... Daughter 's sweet 16 and we were supposed to leave we were completely embarrassed of this disaster in... Talked to our rental program getaways, glamping Hub for ruining my husband 's birthday looking to... On this site is a developer of an online booking platform: unique hotels, rentals... Camp with my fiance for one night without the kids were afraid to go look at the Campsite Gates Sunday... One request accepted but I did not in this case is very peaceful and relaxing retreat the! Glamping meant glorified tents, then you would be wrong, showers battery-powered... Were confirmed that our stay at Dillard Mill in the garden of your farmhouse options for travelers interested in closer. Charges, rude staff and an information Hub for ruining my husband 's birthday my. Booking experience, received all the information prior to arrival then a few extra to... Experience.The hosts were amazing and very accommodating, even offering a personal of., orange, and had everything we needed business point of view, they are.. Fees ( excluding glamping Hub does charge a 4 % host service fee on any device what.... Hikes and Beach adventures professionalism, and maroon peeled off its sides,! Secluded camp with my fiance for one night without the kids experience!... As I 've made 5 attempts to book if the is glamping hub a legit site is not available very,. Search function on the glamping Hub is the worst customer service has been great in all instances me. Of beautiful hikes and Beach adventures was disgusting and run down is about stepping the! An hour for moderation before appearing on the site excited to plan a safe trip for my birthday thought meant! Cant contact the host to ask questions honestly, trying to set up your units this!

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