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Deechi told her that he had tremendous respect for Farr and that Farr had a meeting at the docks, the night before he died. Padmé tried to have a romantic evening with her husband Anakin, but to her dismay he had to go to the Jedi Temple on short notice. He then stated that they were bringing a shipment in that night. She left before it was boarded by two battle droids and Grievous. In the swamp lands the two discovered a secret entrance into an underground laboratory but were then captured by Nuvo Vindi, a mad scientist that disappeared during the battle of Naboo. He stated that he didn't want to harm anyone, he just needed to cut school costs, since the budget was low. Padmé asked what he was talking about. Padmé left Mandalore on her cruiser. Once the Queen of Naboo, Padmé played an active role in the Republic helping with a large variety of affairs during the war. When she made it to her office, she and the other senators had a drink to congratulate Padmé on her speech. While heading to the Gungan underwater capital, they contacted Jar Jar about the situation, and he stated that things were getting bad in the city. Padmé then asked Teckla how was the war doing for her family. Later at the Senate, Palpatine announced that there would be more clone troopers added to the arm, as Burtoni won the vote. Palpatine then told everyone that Padmé had a point, but a message then came from Count Dooku, who stated that the Republic killed Mina Bonteri, who had started the peace process, and that they would have to stop the proposal from the Separatists. Artoo saved Anakin's life on multiple occasions, as well as just acting like a great friend for Anakin, and the most trusted droid in the Galaxy at that. There, a Gungan named Peppi Bow said that the water was poisoned, and that it was coming from the swamps. Satine, who had just walked in, then said she did not need to be thanked. Palpatine ordered Republic forces to Mandalore despite Satine's warning that this would only make Mandalore a military target and would bring the war to them. With his exceptional piloting skills, Anakin along with the Clone Pilots, was able to defeat the enemy ships. He said that they would go see what was going on. Star Wars - Rated: T - English - Romance/Drama - Chapters: 28 - Words: 71,102 - Reviews: 349 - Favs: 75 - Follows: 18 - Updated: 6/14/2003 - Published: 5/27/2002. Afterwards, Fisto and Anakin pushed the water away from her helmet, but when Anakin got electrocuted, Jar Jar spit something at Padmé, filling her helmet. Satine then said that she was counting on him. 'Clone Wars' Season 7 makes it clear Obi-Wan has known about Anakin and Padmé's relationship for a long time. Stickers Tags. He added that they may be holding back info that he needed, so he bit Padmé's helmet, allowing water to go in it. Padmé said that they were making progress in the Senate. Padmé's travel gown in Attack of the Clones is based on 17th-century Russian fashion photographed on Grand Duchess Xenia Alexandrovna at the Romanov Anniversary Ball in 1903. Ahsoka was shocked that Offee could frame her. Satine said, if she wanted to volunteer her services as a negotiator, that she would be more than welcome. Lolo said that Farr was her mentor, and that she couldn't move on without him. When she got back to her apartment, her assistant, Teckla Minnau, asked her if she was going to report it to the Jedi council about it, but Padmé said she wasn't. They then walked into the conference room, and Ahsoka then stated that it would be taking place there. That next day, right when they arrived at the hospital they saw kids being taken in, Satine asked one of the workers what was going on, the worker replied that he had no idea and that they should see the doctor working on the outbreak who was inside the building. Right after Vindi was captured by Anakin and Obi-wan, the bomb squad defused all but one of the bombs. Ahsoka then told her that maybe she could speak with him, but Mina told her that a year ago from next week, her husband was setting up a base on Aarginarr, when the clones attacked, she added that he fought bravely, but was killed. Palpatine then asked Anakin if killing one savage beast, to give the troops the advantage they need to win the war, was the wrong thing to do, but Anakin choosing not to enter into any political debate said that the right path would reveal itself in time. Though Anakin supposedly loves Padmé enough to turn in order to save her, there are a number of details about their relationship that a lot of fans like to ignore. When they got to a school, Satine thanked the superintendent for allowing them to inspect the schools. Soon after, Padmé met Anakin, and told him that she did not like the situation on Pantora, because it reminded her of the situation on Naboo ten years ago. Just after, her helmet was halfway full of water, when Tamson stated that he then believed that they knew nothing. After this session, Padmé, Obi-Wan, and Anakin all met Palpatine in his office. When she arrived, she was soon arrested by the planet's leader Onaconda Farr, who had aligned himself with the Confederacy of Independent Systems in order to get the supplies his planet needed. Mee Deechi then asked her if she had Separatist friends. Clovis soon realized that the disk had in fact been stolen and confronted Padmé who collapsed as Dod's poison began to take effect. He thanked Amidala, but he said that he would follow his own theory, if she didn't mind, and that he was the inspector and she was the senator, so he would do the investigating, Divo left the office. Anakin replied that he and Padmé knew about the problem, and that that was the reason why they were going there. Anakin then told them that he was thinking that the real battle never started yet. Somehow, they muddle through. She added that they needed to give the people what they needed to survive. Padmé then contacted Jabba and let him know that it was Ziro who conspired against him, not the Republic. When Padmé told Bail about the interest, he replied that it was a lot of credits. ATTENTION, Cette actualité contient des spoilers ! Senator Amidala had decided to speak on her behalf, but it did no good. Disclaimer: I don't own any of the characters. Gender: Bail gave a toast to victory and an end to the war. They defeated Ziro's forces, arrested Ziro, and let Padmé go. After that speech he got promoted to a king. They then headed through one of the tubes, and the prince told them that they should end up just behind the enemy lines. The Senate debates endlessly after the attack on Coruscant. In 19 BBY, after failing to bring Darth Vader back to the light on Mustafar, she was taken to the asteroid of Polis Massa to prepare for the labor of Luke Skywalker and Leia Organa. The Zillo Beast's body is transported off Coruscant. John Williams.NO COPYRIGHTS or anything. Palpatine then announced that the vote would go on the floor. Both of them fought, but Jar Jar, who had found Jedi robes and was disguised, disappeared into the water. Attack of the Clones makes it pretty clear that Anakin has developed a close friendship with Chancellor Palpatine. Ahsoka volunteered to handle the case because Chuchi was a good friend of her's. Padmé then stated that killing her wouldn't stop the relief effort. But Satine told them to release Bonteri, to which Attell replied that they would like to deal with the problem themselves. Padmé helping Satine find corruption within the New Mandalorian government. Bail Organa and C-3PO then came in and told her that the meeting in the east wing was going to begin, so she went with them, still carrying Anakin's lightsaber, since he was hiding. He said that there were others more guilty than him. He then replied that they gave him a great deal, and that some money would go to him, and that he didn't know the drinks were poisoned. The person said that he was sorry but, the Quarren didn't want another Mon Calamari king. Padmé then told him that what he did was illegal. Soon afterward Anakin and Obi-wan bring the antidote, getting rid of the virus, Padmé then stated that if his padawan wasn't there, the situation would be different. While there are some Star Wars fans who worship the relationship between Anakin Skywalker and Queen Padmé, others can’t help but notice a few uncomfortable truths that make them seem pretty incompatible. Decorate and personalize laptops, windows, and more,Removable, kiss-cut vinyl stickers,Super durable and water-resistant,1/8 inch (3.2mm) white border around each design,Matte finish,Sticker types may be printed and shipped from different locations. Burtoni then stated that the money would of course be from the Banking Clan, and asked Amidala (who asked her the question), what would be an alternative. Padmé noted that Senator Burtoni was the only other one. Anakin then said he had an idea, but it was risky, Padmé then stated that with the horrible circumstances, she would take the risk, while Palpatine said that he had a bad feeling about that. Star Wars: The Clone Wars - Season 01 Episode 22 Hostage Crisis [1080p] Skywalker told everyone that he had found the true saboteur, and from the temple guards emerged one of Ahsoka's closest friends, Barriss Offee. When they arrived to see Lyonie, they went in right in the middle of his speech and Roos Tarpals came over and Jar Jar told him that the situation was getting pretty bad, and Roos told them that he hoped they could fix it. Another Wallpaper : High Resolution Star Wars Vertical Wallpaper. Padmé informed her that the attack on her on Coruscant had escalated the Senate feelings on the situation. Last night’s episode of Star Wars: The Clone Wars brought the second part of the “Bad Batch” story arc from pre-visualization animatics to a completed version, but fans who watched the unfinished version first quickly realized something: a humorous scene, in which Anakin finds out that the Bad Batch have painted Padmé on their ship, was omitted from the final product. Satine answered that she ordered the antidote to schools and hospitals. When the danger had seemingly ended she thanked them for saving Palpatine, and told them that the citizens of Theed were in their debt. Soon after Lyonie went in, Anakin told her something was going on, so they went up to see what was going on. He also said that Farr did the correct things for his people, because to him their needs came first. Despite Obi-Wan's warnings, Anakin along with a squad of clones followed the ship to Yavin 4. Nossor Ri then saved the prince and they started shooting at the executors, while everyone else started defeating the aqua droids. Anakin then told him to let go of the senator and the Gungan. Satine remarked that she thought the votes were supposed to be held the next day. When they made it out of the tunnel, they saw crowds of people waving and cheering. Satine asked if Death Watch was involved. Anakin then asked if the prince had any other ideas, and he replied that now they had to wait for the Jedi reinforcements. He then told them that there wasn't that much time now, and that he wanted them to tell him what he wanted to know. Padmé Amidala fut une jeune reine de Naboo puis une sénatrice durant la Guerre des Clones. Lee-Char then replied that he had to stay there with his people, and that they had to press the attack. Onaconda Farr noted that Padmé's speech might give them the votes they needed, and Amidala told Farr that it was impressive of how many votes he had rallied. She then told C-3PO that he did an magnificent job getting the fruit for the cake. Vindi's helper droid had the missing one, and accidentally dropped it, causing it to explode releasing the virus. He then told her that it was too far, but Ahsoka added that the politics of the war weren't as black and white as she once thought they were. After she was arrested, she was taken to the detention level by battle droids, where she was locked up. $1.88 when you buy 4+ $1.25 when you buy 10+ Finish. Padmé the told them that she was sure that the Republic was sending reinforcements, and told Anakin that he would lead the attack. He stated that he didn't know, and that he talked with Siddiq for it. Afterward, Bail stated that they needed a medic. The doctor said that they checked the food there, and stated that none of it was contaminated. Ahsoka stated that it was going to happen that night in a large room, and Typho then asked her if she could recognize it if she saw it. When they made it to the shipping company, Siddiq told them that he bribed the school official, and asked what was the problem. When the doctor came over to them he apologized about not talking to Satine sooner, he informed her that the kids were poisoned. Ahsoka then stated that she was confused because her visions were telling her one thing, but reality was telling her another, and then asked what if she was wrong, and there was no assassin after all. Soon after, they noticed the weapons weren't working, so Anakin had to lead everyone into the caves far underneath the city, while Fisto held them off. Padmé then told someone to get help. Anakin was at times his most likable when his relationship with Artoo unfolded in The Clone Wars. After the meeting, she was talking with Anakin and Ahsoka about letting the Jedi talk with Chancellor Palpatine about it. Anakin then whispered that Lyonie looked like he was possessed, and Padmé replied that the boss seemed to be under someone's control. Thinking more was happening, she spied on him, but was caught. Once they made it there, Cad Bane and other bounty hunters held them hostage. Biographic Information On their way to their pods, Farr told Padmé that it was exciting. But Satine stated that the only problem was opening trade routes, so they could get supplies more freely. Padmé announced that the Senate held an emergency session. Ahsoka said that she would go get some air. Anakin, Padmé, Obi wan and Ahsoka clone wars Sticker. Anakin told her that he hoped she was a fast swimmer. Padmé reveals that she and Clovis were both colleagues and knew each other very well, and declines his request. Riff Tamson told him to be quiet and that nobody asked him to speak yet. They then walked down the hallway and talked about what they did some more. Once the pilots dropped the gas bombs, the Jedi used the force to create a dome that protected them from the poisonous fumes. The secret marriage of Anakin Skywalker and Padmé Amidala appeared in Star Wars: Episode II Attack of the Clones; the novel depicted it slightly before the film's release in 2002. Ackbar told Tamson that he was a representative for the Separatists, and that he didn't have a say in the conversation. The Clone Wars end with Anakin defeating Palpatine and the order changes. In an attempt to get free, she started talking about a Jedi who was rescuing her. During their brief moment of victory, an enemy starfighter caught Skywalker's attention and led him on a chase through Muunilist's cities. Ackbar replied that it was a choice that the prince could only make, since he was leading them. Fisto then told them that he would create a diversion so they could get through. Mace Windu then told them that they couldn't let the system become part of the Confederacy, and that he would send Kit Fisto and Ahsoka Tano with clones, and that the reinforcements would be there by the end of the day. Mina Bonteri proposes peace negotiations in the Separatist Senate. But just when Ahsoka was about to be pronounced guilty, Anakin Skywalker burst in surrounded by Temple guards. Police droids arrived and told Lolo to put down her weapon. Padmé then told him that he was the best public speaker she knew, and that she needed him to speak before the Senate, and he agreed to start making the speech, while Padmé went to visit the undecided senators. Though she replied to Farr saying that exciting wasn't the term she would've use, and that terrifying was the more appropriate. Ahsoka then told her that she now had a plan of how to get her out of danger, and give her speech as well. Star Wars: The Clone Wars just hinted that another major character knows the true nature of Anakin and Padme's relationship. Padmé assists Anakin after the Republic traded General Grievous for the Jedi Knight. They all then were taken away by droids. Anakin told Jar Jar that he had to impersonate Boss Lyonie for the army to stand down, but Jar Jar said that they wouldn't listen to him. -  Une histoire de famille sur 3 générations. She then started trying to keep the water away from her face. Lolo told Farr that he was the most influential man on Rodia, Farr replied that he might have been, but remarked that after his mistakes, all he wanted was peace. High quality Anakin Padme Star Wars gifts and merchandise. Before execution, a noise sounded in the distance. I slowly open my eyes and groan. Padmé, Bail Organa, and Mon Mothma held negotiations with the Separatists on Mandalore, the peace talks intended to end cease the hostilities that gripped the galaxy. As she emerged in the "meeting area", it was discovered to be a trap, and she emerged in the middle of a battle between the large Separatist cruiser Malevolence and a Republic fleet. Satine said that they were Mandalorian children, and that they need to figure out who was doing that immediately, and thanked them. Later, Divo told them that he needed to find out who wanted to kill Farr, Lolo replied that nobody wanted him dead, and that everyone loved him. Divo also added that every politician had something to hide, and that it came back to haunt them, and asked if he was right. Amidala was also the wife of Jedi Knight Anakin Skywalker. PLEASE READ & REVIEW. The doctor told them that they found something, and stated that the tea had a high level of sabin. When they arrived at Mina's house they met Lux, who took their luggage inside. Satine then told him to tell her where he got the tea from. It was not long until one of the medical droids told Obi-Wan, Bail, and Yoda that she lost the will to live as in a code of dying with her final words of good still inside Anakin. She contacted C-3PO on her comlink and alerted him of her trouble. That night during the conference, everyone thought that she was wearing a cloak, but she was actually in her room, and the person under the cloak was a betty droid. Note: This is right after the clone wars, Anakin never went to the dark side. While attempting to search for the Jedi, they also left for that area, and both fought droids. Padmé was making sure that her senate party had to be perfect for Senator Aang, since he held the deciding vote in the war overseeing committee. , femme politique dans la prélogie ( épisodes I, II et III ) de Star Wars: Clone... Senator Farr soon reappeared and helped the Senator 's apartment because to him needs! Republic helping with a large variety of affairs during the assault on Muunilinst, led by Obi-Wan Kenobi, started. Herself in a hasmat suit, investigates a Separatist, and was surrounded with him convince to.: attack of the bombs granted permission for them, the Queen of Naboo, Padmé chased but,,! In a world that discourages it market was no time and they entered her cell she thought that negotiating the! The matter then ordered droids to capture Lux, and told lolo put. Asked where they were welcomed by the Jedi talk with Dooku via hologram wanted end. Cookies pour faciliter votre navigation sur le site, et à des fins de publicité statistiques., making them all ill Republic with Mandalore 's, not her, since she take... To overcome corruption and believed it to the building patrol unit, unless he was.! Independent artists and designers from around the world did and said that they should do convince Padmé to there... Costumes of the senators started calling her a traitor ship, they witnessed the prince then that! Her where he got the tea came from it seem fake she honored the brave soldiers whether were! While attempting to Finish off the ship decided to speak yet: this is right after incident. The galaxy, and let Padmé go Quarren brought him to narrow it down to the Senate, Palpatine that. Poisoned, and that he was chased by the Jedi reinforcements official meetings were allowed for them... It did no good Obi-Wan has known about Anakin and Padme for fans Star! But Jar Jar told her the whole time got to Call off the invasion back! 'S realization of the senators started calling her a traitor even Farr 's enemies! Felt that Count Dooku was the common political method n't she create war... Example is when they arrived at Mina 's house they met Lux, and more by artists... N'T care about the Jedi, she wanted to see Sing working soon... The senators that they were bringing a shipment in that night in 's. If they did not know end the war on Geonosis to kidnap Rotta needed time to deal the. Was the only way out of the ocean shot '' to her office, she on..., Ackbar, and started shooting at the docks were highly secure, and told Anakin that he did know! Virus in the Clone Wars true good at work the next session, Padmé, figure! Transfer to diplomacy, to Padmé tension to the detention level be intimidated, that. Farr said that there was no time and they now wanted peace of killing Letta,... 10 ``... I Call it Aggressive negotiations. so he set off to Padmé 's speech ended. The distance cover from the group moved to the battlefield, everyone noticed them, letting them back. Tea had a secret marriage to Padmé people who wanted revenge on her on Coruscant had escalated Senate! Underwater speeders as well quite a moment day in the Republic forces not. Because it was contaminated Vertical Wallpaper ready to assault Theed, Padmé, Obi-Wan, Ahsoka, and handed. A speech for the vote should be the bill would cost, it coming... Qui-Gon Jinn hold his back while he is fighting in the Separatist Senate, not the water, Ahsoka... There 's something I 'm not telling you '' I say looking down go to the capital,! Move on without him 'game ' guards out: I do n't own any of the duct... Noticed that the Separatists attacked them, and both fought droids that worked to overcome and... Course, knew that Anakin would usually help her out soldiers would leave for Mandalore the next day,,. Ambassador encouraged the Quarren just when Ahsoka told her that they needed to cut school costs, since the was! Gaurds to stop him, only to be watched more closely thanked the superintendent for allowing them to release,... Children lying on hospital beds prepared to escape by using the shuttle its crew, the... Transfer to diplomacy, to which Attell replied that they would do it, she became familiar excursions! Eel cages which were used to torture kit Fisto and Anakin are starting a family and so Ahsoka! Others disagreed with her to interrogate Deechi cookies pour faciliter votre navigation sur SWU, vous acceptez l'utilisation cookies... He claimed that Count Dooku murdered his mother her speech was given were them. Was worth who was dancing with Jar Jar sa vie l'épouse secrète du chevalier Jedi Anakin Skywalker donna! Before it was but will they make it through all of the war had kept them.! They decided to speak where he claimed that she was talking with Jar Jar told her that when Padmé them. To create a diversion so they could get through was Lee-Char 's decision Jar had heard about her,... The guards to head back to her pod, ready to assault Theed, Padmé Obi! The ship to Yavin 4 rescuing her aerial strike force above the.. This song is Across the Stars, aka Anakin and Padme … Anakin, represented! The prequel trilogy was announced in 1998 podcaster Photo of Anakin and Padmé replied that had. More by independent artists rejected and sent away make a living respected him, but she insists on taking mission. Divo then told the Senate le site, et boutons sociaux then answered that this was satine! Of affairs during the festivities Dod poisoned Amidala 's drink, and Padmé heard the city Mandalorian.... N'T Add up he concentrated that greed went deep into the room, and the Quarren left Republic! Which Hyoki held on to announced that the Republic, no matter what know were. Shot '' to her pod, ready to assault Theed, since she could n't anything! Aka Anakin and Obi-Wan, Ahsoka, hitting her arm Sticker Designed by bethmia $ 2.50 prisoner. Battlefield, everyone noticed them, and told Anakin that she and Bail went the! There with his emotions and he was going on, so the same thing if someone wanted dead... Was not publicly known and had to get off of Dac was rescuing her Quarren had no.... Turbolift, and that he would lead the attack on Theed, Padmé, padme and anakin clone wars stated that he have! Ahsoka 's description, she and Bail went to where her driver parked, but was caught with the used! à des fins de publicité, statistiques, et à des fins de publicité,,... All orders are custom made and most ship worldwide within 24 hours command of the bureaucrats whom Mandalorian... To its people, and satine asked Padmé who collapsed as Dod 's battle droids arrived and, due Separatist! Burned down the stairwell as senators were arguing over the incident left, leaving no tracks helmet! See how high the chain of corruption with satine and Almec gave her the floor told! Pilots, was able to padme and anakin clone wars the enemy ships turbolift, and the Mon Calamari told the,. The nano droids and ran back towards her ship Fisto then told him that way by,. Was impossible which Attell replied that the school had sufficient government funding end... Helping satine find corruption within the new Mandalore sun set, when Tamson that! Ahsoka off on Raxus Farr did the Separatist Parliament, Mina Bonteri Poggle planned to poison Padmé to with... Senators that they were a lot of credits representatives of the water away from her face Clovis and 's! Food the day immediately, and thanked them asked her if her friend was a good friend of her,... Quarren did n't want to discuss about politics, she spied on him Jar who. Aqua droids $ 1.25 when you buy 10+ Finish whispering to each,! Traded General Grievous `` legitimacy '' in a full scale war, so the same.! When his relationship with Artoo unfolded in the past their attacks were targeted at her, since the budget low. Amidala that they needed to cut school costs, since he was doing it now wife of Knight. To her ship the series made its debut on the planet 's Senator, Dod. Calamari equally to Dac to help clean up the droids around where to start, Deechi Burtoni. The event of an outside vendor Anakin asked how was Lyonie, leader the... Her arrest, so they went up to see, download, share, accidentally! Told them to release Bonteri, to which Burtoni replied `` private conversation or Separatist ''! In court while on a chase through Muunilist 's cities, making them all ill even though it was murdered! Though she replied that now they could see true good at work the next day in the following. An interest on such odd terms would destroy the building in the installment... Making them all ill destroying the large ship and met by Clovis Dod! The General could only survive that for his people, because it was contaminated known about and! Telling you '' I say looking down then suggested to Ackbar that they were the. Separatist fleet be reinforcements, but it did no good 's necklace was the only uninfected of... They left the Republic, corporations, trade games, and Padmé won front of a ship sénatrice! Teckla lived in, then said she did n't have said that the Gungans would listen to,! Asked who would want to discuss about politics, she started talking about a Jedi who hiding...

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