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He made a brief background cameo in the first movie. Kowalski, Rico, and Private are his accomplices in this plot. Once inside the hotel, Melman, Alex and Marty argue over who should be the leader of the group. When the fossa were scared off by Alex, Julien and his people were hiding in the trees and saw this scene, thinking Alex and his friends were giants from some faraway land, with Julien coming forward and presenting himself as the king of the lemurs — once he had ascertained they were not dangerous by tempting them with Mort. Anything silly and unexpected, (example, they named the giraffe 'Melman' in the movie Madagascar-but don't copy that) Something original and silly, NOTHING that starts with a G or J....too common and too predictable; and for Pete's sake do NOT use the name Geoffrey! At the end, Jimmy was thrown overboard due to his lack of fighting skills. In the end Clover successfully breaks her indoctrination and makes the cult disband, but Pam and Fred quickly start another quick money-making scheme again. Twice in the episode "Action Reaction," he sat on Julien. How much power is consumed by a 12-V incandescent lamp if it draws 150mA of current when lit? Then he was unwillingly taken to Madagascar, where he had to learn to be a wild giraffe. In Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted, he has a bigger role and falls in love with Sonya the Bear. In episode 12, she expects Sage to propose to her, but finds out he is marrying her sister, Crimson. Pervis McSlade (voiced by Gary Cole) is the zoo commissioner of the Central Park Zoo. In the episode "That Sinking Feeling", when everyone thought the island was sinking, Dorothy tackled Hector just because he threw Ted way behind him. When they all came to, they found themselves in crates bound for Africa. Savio appeared as an ally in "The Hoboken Surprise" where he assisted the penguins in defeating the android animals of the Hoboken Zoo. Short Fuse (voiced by Ken Jeong) is a Belgian harp seal. [23] Axmaker also commended the voice of Zuba, played by Bernie Mac, saying "his vocal makeover is so complete that you may not recognize his voice, but you will appreciate the warmth and vivid personality of his creation. Embittered, Dave now seeks revenge on the penguin species, becoming a mad scientist in the process. very funny. Years later, Makunga used Alex in a bid to finally reach the rank of alpha lion where he tricked Alex into challenging his henchman Teetsi. The film was dedicated to Mac's memory. Phil may be the most temperamental or "potty mouthed" of the two, as after being told there is no checkmate in checkers, he makes several signs which Mason responds with "You groom your mother with those hands?!" But later, the pirates woke up and chased down Julien, Mort, and Clover. After a short battle with Skipper, Blowhole is betrayed by Julien, who claims to have been a double agent the entire time, and the "Ring of Fire" (which the media has dubbed the "Hoop of Heat", much to Blowhole's anger) is deactivated. Koto, Sage's evil brother wanted to force Clover to marry him, and she was ready to make this sacrifice for the life of Julien, but in the end she was freed and was essential in defeating Koto and his army. In "He Blinded Me with Science," Masikura played a big role, where she helps King Julien dance for the sky god Kevin to make it rain. Bada is a gray gorilla and Bing is a brown gorilla. Despite his desire for everyone to listen and do what he wants, he dislikes and ignores Mort, his most loyal follower, who treats him like a god. Outright called a mad scientist by Skipper, Kowalski often creates things in order to "show them" and has, on few occasions, hidden his devices. Julien still likes Rob and reconciles with him, and while he has taken up odd habits, such as hibernating in a cave, he seems to have adjusted fine to the changes. However, after learning of the penguins having hijacked a boat and are offering the zoo animals a trip back home, Marty immediately runs after Alex in hopes to save his friend. The mix of the three resulted in a giant MP3 monster, which made everyone near it sing uncontrollably. Kowalski has a crush on her. Abner (voiced by Jeffrey Katzenberg in Madagascar, Diedrich Bader in a Southern accent in All Hail King Julien) is a blue-eyed lemur who is Becca's husband and is not very bright. Later, King Julien let Masikura go, much to her dismay. He has a very small cameo in "The Helmet". This causes Gloria to break up with the hippo, and his last appearance is when he's looking for water only to find a bunch of jewels. Sophie the Giraffe has been a popular teether since 1961. [9] They also frequently mention throwing poo and are used to read the English language. Melman Mankiewicz is a hypochondriac giraffewho is under the impression that he suffers from almost every infection and disease in existence. Chuck Charles (voiced by Jeff Bennett) is a newsman who works at Channel-1. He appears again in "Roger Dodger" when the Sewer Rats terrorize him. Dr. Blowhole (voiced by Neil Patrick Harris) is an evil, mad bottlenose dolphin scientist and supervillain, who plans to take revenge on the human race: In the past, Blowhole was known as "Flippy", and was forced by humans to perform tricks at Coney Island for their own amusement. Eventually, the two settle their differences and become friends, agreeing on their hatred for the penguins. He is always encountered with his pet hissing cockroach, Chauncey, who is actually his one true friend and companion as well. It gets the name from an extended neck much like that of the common giraffe. He first appeared in "The Madagascar Penguins in a Christmas Caper" where he was sad due to be alone during Christmas. Since King Joey was not bright, he thought that Maurice wanted Julien killed. Unable to defeat her rationally or by fighting, Kowalski sets up a plan to distract her by singing and dancing seductively, leading her to choose the wrong option. In Season 5 episode 12, Clover is expecting Sage to propose to her, and is shocked to find that Sage is inviting her to his wedding - to Crimson! It is Skipper who helps to distract the foossa while Marty is recovered, and also helps fight off a number of them. Private has been known to give life lessons (in "Mort Unbound" he tells Mort, "There is a natural order of things" and in "Two Feet High and Rising" he tells Mort that Julien's feet "are just feet; not love"). However, King Julien accidentally destroys Karl's super-weapon, the Karl-Star, and they are both captured by Koto. He does tend to be a little self-absorbed, often not seeing the problems of others above his own. In London, Vitaly decides to give up and prepares to leave just before the circus' critical performance. She wishes for Kowalski to help her free her brother Francis from captivity along with a platypus named Parker. Thinking he only has two days to live, Melman initially waits in a hole, but then takes King Julien's advice and goes to declare his love to Gloria. The Gophers trap the penguins under a chandelier, take the Westchester Putter for themselves, and escape the building, proving that the Amarillo Kid had been telling the truth and they had tricked Skipper and his team into helping them as Kowalski recapped the gophers' clever ingenuity of their plan. They were found, regardless, along with Mason and Phil, the two chimps, and a troupe of secretive penguins, all ending up tranquilized with darts. Thanks to Clover and Maurice, the assassination is averted, but Pancho remains ill at ease and paranoid after this experience. About three of these underlings are named after the actors. As Julien XIII's predecessor, Julien XII is a lazy, strict, paunchy, cowardly, and older lemur oozing smarminess where he had strict rules that kept the lemur kingdom quiet in order to keep the Fossa away. According to Maurice, Hector hates everybody and everything. However, in the TV series, he communicated with excitable garbled grunts, but could still manage short sentences in English, and his language further improved by the second season. Directed by (2) Writing credits (5) Cast (44) Produced by (4) Music by (2) Film Editing by (2) Casting By (1) Production Design by (1) Art Direction by (1) Production Management (18) Second Unit Director or Assistant Director (1) When King Julien saves the captured lemurs, he got bitten on the butt and is still alive. It is revealed at the end of the contest that he only wants to make Mort turn to evil, as is in his blood, and help him fulfill his destiny of destroying King Julien. He landed on the taxi that Alice was returning in as it drives away. In the first movie, Nana crosses paths with Alex in Grand Central Station, then brutally assaults him. Stefano told Alex why Vitaly (Bryan Cranston) the Siberian tiger was grouchy. At the beginning of the episode, Hans surprises Skipper by meeting him in China and refers to him as such. Eventually Maurice locates him in a cave, and King Julien confronts him after he stole the crown, but he admits he no longer wants it, only to live happily with Zora. Pam Simonsworthington, voiced by Grey DeLisle, is a ridiculously fast lemur who wears goggles. He called it Big Spender because every time he took it to a bar it would shout "The highballs are on me!" Though it takes work to get a doctor's license, Dr. S' claim is that he can't get busted if he practices medicine in his own cave. After testing Clover's (very tenuous) patience this way, he revealed a map that would lead them to the ultimate weapon. At the coronation, the Foosa interrupted and take some lemurs with them. Alice (voiced by Mary Scheer) is a zookeeper exclusive to The Penguins of Madagascar. From this King Julien concludes that the Water Gods like seafood more. He is part of the traveling circus in Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted and is a happy, fun-loving Italian sea lion who always looks on the brighter side of things. He was named as Clover's assistant captain of the Ringtail guard, but due to his cowardly nature (and because Clover is always around) he rarely if ever gets to do anything in this position. After Julien knocked down Hector's masterpiece, his support went down by unhappiness of Hector's big family.

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