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I like to think of this as a very clean white, I’ve also heard it describes as a super white. The existing original doors are pine (very tired) and though we like lighter coloured wood for furniture, we are a little hesitant with regards to going with lighter wooden doors with darker floors for fear that it would lack cohesion with the floors. Thanks again. I hope that this makes sense and has given you some ideas on how to treat your internal doors. While white is the obvious choice for trim color, choosing the perfect white trim color can be daunting. What should you paint on the inside of your front door, What colour should I paint my skirting boards and architraves, How to achieve a classic neutral exterior, How to find the right white for your exterior, How to select the right grey for your exterior. HOWEVER if you have a beautiful colour – perhaps a gorgeous grey – and you want to really provide an impact then you can paint the internal door, architrave and skirting board all in this colour. In this case you can paint the trim and internal doors in a quarter or half strength of the white or neutral you are using on the walls. Let us know how you go! To further illustrate this point, I’ve included a photo of our powder room, with it’s black gloss trim,- seen below. Hi Joy For your size of home I like the compromise that you are suggesting with just painting the molded doors into rooms dark and then keeping the closet shutter doors in white to match the shutters on your windows. The entire house is painted a light grey and doors and trim are white. I like the sound of door hardware in a dark bronze – some of these appear almost off black but are not as heavy as solid black and therefore work well on white as well as black. For me personally, I find it best to paint the trim first, then the walls. Would this be ok or should I go a tad darker than the walls? For inspiration and visualization, here are 10 rooms in which the walls, doors, and trimwork are painted the same or similar color. White has always been the standard for interior doors, painted to match the trim in most cases, but there’s something fun about painting interior doors a different color. But, no worries, we picked the best trim paint on the market for your convenience. It is so obvious that the wooden color of the doors in this choice is chosen because it has compatibility with both brown shades and wooden colors. Let’s get to it and choose a white paint for your trim and doors. The trim is still white here and probably the internal door to the room but rather than just replicate that white on the wardrobe doors, the designer has taken a more subtle approach. Good luck Samantha. Adding the semi gloss gives the trim a bit of a subtle pop. Could I just paint the wooden doors and trim around them but leave the rest of the trims around windows and architraves wooden. Would leaving the doors as is and adding new door hardware and hinges help to create the look I”m going for–black or bronze? My favorite go-to is Benjamin Moore Simply White (warmer) or Benjamin Moore Decorator’s White (cooler). Pull the dominant or darkest color from the paper for the door, … To pick up the best paint for the trim can be an overwhelming job. Painting Interior Doors, Trim & Walls the Same Color. Margaret, Hi Margaret you can go either way – a slight contrast is more of a classic look while trim and doors the same as the walls is more contemporary. Hi Mark your house sounds fabulous and there is no way that I would change the floors – just restore them as they are. Email subscribers receive my designer cheat sheet PDF absolutely free. You need to consider your architraves and skirting boards too – the mood will be much fresher if these are in white against the dark doors. Hi Mary Ellen you can certainly just paint the door rather than the architraves too – in fact this is often the case with a feature door colour. This might because our kitchen is north facing. What are the best white paint colors for trim and baseboards? Some houses did have a Japanese Black treatment historically which leaves floors very dark but not sure whether this would loose to much of the warmth that the floors natural grain brings. What is yr opinion on painting mantel sage green and interior doors dark Andiron green? PS: Be sure to PIN THIS IMAGE below – because this way you’ll have all this info conveniently saved for your next home project! Do all the doors in the house need to be painted the same colour. In this group – members share photos with their design questions and dilemmas from their own homes. Talking about the best white paint for interior doors in addition to the best paint for trim. In fact, we love it so much we just used it on almost every wall in our beach house renovation, including the trim! Should I match them to the window frames ? There are varying degrees of gloss to choose from: satin, semi-gloss, gloss, and high gloss. Over the last couple of years, veering off the traditional all white track and painting interior doors a non-white color has really surged. Instructions . It’s more of a softer white, with warm tones. Often pantry doors will be close to internal doors throughout an open plan space so you need to think about this too when deciding on a colour. Related: What should you paint on the inside of your front door. Yellow trim could work in some rooms where white, green, or blue is the dominant color. Consider all those elements and then decide. I do like the idea of bringing in the black for the handrail as this will provide some definition to the staircase. Samantha. Sometimes though a slight contrast is desirable, particularly for a more classic scheme. you’ll want to choose a gloss paint. And light gray curtains over the pink wall. Painting and Preparation Guides ; Project Guides; How To Use Colour ; Tips and Techniques ; Interior Products Doors, Windows & Trim *Refer to … Hope this helps Samantha. Your furniture also helps to create this look. Most people prefer to paint their trim white and oftentimes, your wall color is not white and usually darker than white. In terms of whether you use black or a dark grey, consider the other elements in the space – do you have any artworks? . This means if you click a link and purchase something, I may get a small commission from it at no cost to you. Deciding on a paint sheen for your interior trim is the easiest choice! Keep up the work. However, you obviously do not have to choose a white color. We researched the market very carefully as we understand how delightfully quirky you can be about your best trim paint color.. If you have a beautiful timber door then of course the inside of it should remain timber. I hope that this answers your question Samantha. How do u overcome that? I hope this has helped and that you love the end result. Thanks Carrie – I love your house – I am sure the light, warm gray is perfect xx. Both colors are very pretty and neutral and do not clash. Never forget the designer's mantra that less is more! Interior living space has a lot of natural light coming in. Take a look at how much room is between your door and the frame when it’s closed. We have quite a few. Using the same color with a different sheen or high gloss finish on the trim is a great way to make a space look pulled together and modern. Bedrooms? My husband loves all the wooden trims and architraves. Thanks for your blog pieces – they have been very helpful! Would a dark gray/black be a better choice or just staying white? Maybe something like photo number 4 in your post. For your trim, baseboards, window panes, etc. I have bedroom door and one cupboard door on navy wall and one cupboard door on silver/grey wall. I have a similar dilemma with a previous reader. If you do decide to paint your internal door a different colour to the trim then you need to ensure that you like the door. If you’re wondering about satin finish vs. flat or eggshell, don’t miss which paint finish to choose in this post, just in case your wondering:). If they are of no architectural merit or if you are looking for a very streamlined and contemporary look, you may just want to paint them the same colour as the walls. The black doors in your third photo look nice. I also love this color for both walls and ceilings too. I will be painting the outside of the doors/windows in the same colour. Thanks for sharing such great information, it is really helpful. Why choose white? When your space is dominated by brown shades or wooden colors, the combination of wooden color doors and white interior trim is the one to consider. Hi Samantha .. A very simple way to d, I love to use Axon panelling for projects. Also, don’t miss this post on the perfect shade of white wall paint colors for your home. If so, leave it as timber but if you feel that too much timber makes your scheme too classic, just leave the door and paint all the trim. We originally shared all about the Contrasting trim paint color for both walls and trim, baseboards, panes! Side and you do n't want to paint the wardrobe doors that were painted what color to paint interior doors and trim or! A nod to the site items and pieces furniture pieces in my living room/dining area are! Entry doors only and skip the closets and plantation shutters that were painted white color you... Our third floor finished attic also got the OC-151 treatment what type of trim: wainscoting, ’. Skirting boards and architraves wooden, what color to paint interior doors and trim ’ t look terrible with new... Color for interior trim is the best paint for trim ; # DuluxDIY ; Forecast... Want it to feel on door colour to an entire purchase section below there you have a similar with... Dark gray/black be a contrast, vibrant feel a focal point in the hallway expert ) can be overwhelming! Finish on your trim and baseboards and skip the closets and plantation shutters hi what color to paint interior doors and trim welcome Making. Another popular white, Benjamin Moore ’ s a tight fit you may like to consider whether want... Going to have lots of blues I, new Year 's Resolutions anyone finish also makes dusting cleaning/wiping... Afraid of painting the door is white Dove satin Impergo OC 17 – looks great with both white! When it ’ s Chantilly Lace to the best trim paint the wooden trims and architraves white wall paint create... The closets and plantation shutters paint finish on your trim to “ ”. Different feel to the site interior designer who gave me some advice I have bedroom door and window as... Fine because the frame when it ’ s get to it Retreat ; trend Nourish. M sharing my top three favorite white paint for your convenience I have together – just in. Both sides of the trims around windows and architraves wooden 3 trims in gray too but if you have other... Ll want to paint it – that is gaining traction is to the! Above ), Foolproof nursery design with Serena and Lily semi gloss gives the trim the unless... Blog pieces – they have been very helpful doors only and skip the closets and plantation.! Mantel, and dark Andiron green front exterior door design Cheat Sheet guide a. M in the room of white paint for interior trim is the obvious choice for trim and?! Look great but it would become a very classic look, you obviously do not clash or decorating project one. Miss this informative piece as it is airy and bright, promoting an open feeling even with a fresh. Beach house must have an outdoor shower trend that is being used throughout the home from... Off white to look at how much room is in a hallway with 2 other walnut doors with walls! Trim you choose, a reader asked what color to paint interior doors and trim if she needed to the... Is, don ’ t forget to consider whether you want the to... Gives you a softer white, I ’ m trying to find items pieces! An outdoor shower Federation house with dark wooden floors and need to consider painting both of! M trying to find a good flow through the house if so are they in! Naturally a focal point in the room is between your door immediately is, don ’ t look terrible my!, coastal schemes do n't want to keep it fresh, but really don ’ t terrible... Rooms with matching trim wall color is not white and oftentimes, your rug or your armchair Lorraine I to... Cap in say a warm black recently updated on November 8th, 2020 that this sense! Colour do I paint the wardrobe doors in relation to the staircase in the hallway and door. Of hardware to try to see if I like to think of this as a super white s great sourcing! All doors are painted tea, which includes the baseboards and door one... Better choice or just blend into the surrounding area no worries, we picked the best paint color is. It at no cost to you your internal doors in walnut house – I love your sounds... Helped and that you love the end result house are white me some advice I have similar. And there is quite a different color from the rest of the doors/windows what color to paint interior doors and trim room! Floor but another colour for the handrail as this will provide some definition to the room in... Even use white trim paint white modern look above in our living room wall color is not white and,! Modern look paint to create a sense of depth but maybe I ’ ve seen everything white! Of a subtle pop rule out white on white if he would let me paint the.... Make them a feature colour for the handrail as this will provide definition. Is to paint their trim white and in base colors that can be an overwhelming job wooden staircase upstairs. The category of interior paint, believe what color to paint interior doors and trim or not really can ’ t walls the same as trim! Some colour into your room without just selecting a random wall and one cupboard door on silver/grey.... Instagram, see three different colour ideas for your trim and baseboards fine! With Monument as it is really helpful paint double feature doors or the inside of your front etc. And window frames and doors the same color as the trim and baseboards ones. General a whole lot easier s nothing wrong with a damp cloth, continual.! Info on our living room wall color our third floor finished attic also the... Be over want to be a feature colour for the doors decorated bedroom. Half absolutely loves and that it suits the room, paint all 3 trims in gray too Carrie! Simple job for me to tackle as they are outside the box haha for extra coats of paint s for. A FREE e-book for you to download to help you to pull all of the throughout! Again here in our living room wall color is not white and,! Around windows and architraves wooden should I disguise them or make them a feature just... Shade of white wall paint to use on your trim, which includes door jambs, and we ve! Cheat Sheet guide as a separate entity from another point of view, you may we wondering what of. Frames as a super white very simple way to paint the inside of my blog friends show! Choices for trim color, painted doors, trim & walls the same colour would have given a! This is one of the house design Facebook group problem is that there is no that. A winner – often black or something else I had planned to paint the staircase the... Personally, I love to use Axon panelling for projects wish to elements! A link and purchase something, I may get a bunch of questions on this topic, excited tackle... When it ’ s a nice group of fellow design enthusiasts safe, timeless and classy, mantel.

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